GCAC Services
How can I donate money to support the animals at GCAC?
We accept monetary donations through: Court Money
After Hours Services

After duty hours we will only respond to the following:

  • Animal bite in which the animal is not contained by the owner, is posing a threat to the public, and the owner cannot be located.
  • An injured domestic (dog or cat) stray animal whose owner cannot be located.
  • Police assists involving animals (arrests, house fire, car accidents).

Non-emergencies that we will NOT respond to consist of the following:

  • Animals running loose.
  • Animal bites in which the owner of the biting animal is present.
I found or lost an animal.

Visit Found Animals for detailed information on what to do if you find a pet in Grundy County.

Visit Lost Animals for detailed information on what to do if you lose a pet in Grundy County.

I need affordable veterinarian options for my pet.
The following clinics provide vaccines and spay/neuter treatments at a reduced rate. Some also provide discounted preventative care along with other medical treatments.  Kindly get in touch with each clinic directly for details and prices.

Animal Care of Morris – Morris  815-941-9924
Dwight Veterinary Clinic – Dwight 815-671-4070
Lakewood Animal Hospital – Morris 815-942-1199
Mallard Point Veterinary – Channahon 815-467-4855
Minooka Animal Hospital – Minooka   815-467-0700
Morris Veterinary – Morris 815-942-2100
Pine Bluff Animal Hospital – Morris  815-942-5365
Shirkey Veterinary Clinic – Coal City 815-634-2424
Skinner Veterinary Hospital – Wilmington 815-476-9500
I just brought home a new cat/dog. How do I register them with Grundy County?
To be in compliance with Illinois state law, all cats and dogs must be vaccinated against rabies and registered with the county of residence. Submit your rabies certificate via email and learn how to register your pet with Grundy County please call us at (815) 942-9214.
Wildlife Issues
What if I have a deceased animal on my property?
It is the landowner's responsibility to remove deceased animals. Never touch a wildlife species with your hands alone. The deceased animal should be placed in a rubbish bag using equipment like gloves and a shovel. Put it outside with your usual garbage removal after double bagging it.
What if I have a bat or some other wild animal residing inside my home?
Give the local police department a call if you reside in a town with city limits. You can engage a private wildlife trapper to remove the animal for you if they are unable to help. Wildlife Illinois offers a list of businesses that you may get in touch with. 
What if there is a sick or injured wild animal on my property?
If you live in the city limits of a town, call your local police department. If they are unable to assist, you may hire a private wildlife trapper to remove the animal for you. Wildlife Illinois provides a list of companies you can contact.
What should I do if animals reside in my walls, attic, garage, and beneath my deck.

Animals that live in non-living sections of your land and are considered nuisances can be problematic. To urge the animals to move forward on their own, we advise utilizing deterrents. In addition to a directory of private trapping businesses that homeowners can employ to get rid of problematic animals, Wildlife Illinois offers a wealth of excellent information.