Court Security

Court Security DivisionThe Grundy County Court House is staffed by sworn officers any time that the building is open. Normal hours of operation are 8:00 am until 5:00 pm although some County offices close at 4:30 pm. All visitors to the Court House are required to pass through metal detectors located at the north entrance and are subject to search upon entering the building.

Cell Phone GuidelinesThe use of portable electronic devices by court visitors are prohibited in the courthouse, unless permitted pursuant to one of the below exceptions:

  1. As permitted by the Sheriff in courthouse facilities other than courtrooms.
  2. As authorized by the Judge presiding in the courtroom in question; or
  3. As authorized by an officer of the court, including the Circuit Clerk, in order for the court visitor to discreetly attend to court business; or
  4. Members of the Media, including as permitted pursuant to court order under the Supreme Court’s Extended Media Coverage Policy.
  5. Court visitors using a portable electronic device, or possessing other electronic devices, in violation of this or any other Court Order or policy, may be removed from the court facilities, found in contempt of court, or subject to penalties as provided by law.
In the near future we will install lockers at the entrance to the courthouse so visitors will have a place to secure their electronic devices along with other items not approved for entry. The lockers will be free to courthouse visitors who do not have a means to secure said devices.


  1. Portable electronic devices are mobile devices capable of electronically storing, accessing, or transmitting information and is defined to include personal computers, tablet computers, mobile telephones (including cell phones and any form of telephone with cameras and audio and video and transmission capabilities), electronic calendars, or similar devices.
  2. Court Visitor means any individual present at the courthouse in Grundy County, other than county officials, employees, licensed attorneys, law enforcement officers and jurors.