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Can I sign up for Fraud prevention for my house?

Unfortunately, fraud cannot always be prevented but early detection is the key to solving issues. Grundy County provides a free Property Fraud Alert program.  Sign up to get notified when any document is recorded with the criteria you provide on the form. Contact our vendor: Fidlar at 800-728-3858 or

Can I request a copy of a subdivision plat that is full sized 24” x 36”?

To request a copy of a plat, please call our office at 815-941-3224, email or use Tapestry search program:
The copy fee is $3.00 per page or current fee listed on our fee sheet and is subject to change.

Can you help me get a copy of the most recent survey of my lot?

Surveys are not typically recorded in the recorders office. Contact your lender, title company, or a survey company for this information.

Can you help me take a deceased spouse or relative off of my deed?

The Recorder’s Office cannot assist you in completing documents to alter or transfer property ownership , nor can we advise you on what documents you need to execute. Since the exact type of recording instrument and language you should use may depend upon several factors, including the type of deed and time of death of your loved one, we recommend that you secure the advice of a licensed attorney.

Does the Recorder's Office have copies of birth, marriage, and death records?

Not generally. If the birth, marriage, or death took place in Grundy county, the documents are archived by the Grundy County Clerk’s Office, which is located in the Grundy County Court House, Room 12, 111 E. Washington Street in Morris, Illinois. Occasionally, individuals born outside of Grundy County (in other counties, states or even other countries) choose to record their vital records such as birth, marriage, and death certificates with the Recorder’s Office so that copies of them are readily available locally. Doing so is completely optional, and not required by any local, State, or Federal laws.

Does the Recorder's Office have Real Estate Transfer Declarations specific to Grundy County?

No. The Illinois Real Estate Transfer Declaration (PTAX-203 & PTAX-203A) are forms created and required by the State of Illinois. As such, these forms are not specific to any one county, and may be used in all counties throughout Illinois.

Download these forms and their instructions and/or fill out the form online with the Illinois Department of Revenue by visiting our Download Forms Information page.

Does the Recorder's Office keep my original document after recording?

No. Our office will keep your document for 1-2 weeks for processing, and then it will be returned directly to you by U.S. mail or through the title company, attorney, or lender that recorded it for you.

Should I record my will in the Recorder's Office?

Generally, because of privacy concerns and other issues, we do not recommend that you record your will in our office. Keep in mind that all recorded documents, including your will, become public record, and can be viewed by anyone with the desire to see them at any time. Typically, wills are placed in the safe keeping of a trusted attorney or held in a safe deposit box or other protected place that can be accessed by family or friends after your passing. If you want to record your will in our office, we will allow you to do so at the rates outlined in our Fee Schedule.

What does the Recorder's Office do?

The Recorder’s Office is established by Illinois State statute as the legal repository for land records in Grundy County. In essence, we are a government library for documents concerning the ownership of property.

When a document is recorded, our office assigns it a unique Document Recording Number, and then enters the document information into a county-wide database. Copies of the actual document are stored on digital media, and the original is returned to the owner. The Office stores copies of recorded documents dating back to Grundy County’s inception in 1841.

We can provide copies of all documents on record, per our set fee schedule.

What is the Geographic Information System Fee increase?

The Illinois State Legislature passed a law which grants Illinois counties the authority to assess an additional $10.00 to be collected at the time of Recording to defray the cost of building a County GIS (Geographic Information System). The Grundy County Board approved the collection of this fee on November 12, 2002. Collection of the GIS fee went into effect on January 1, 2003.

Where is the Recorder's Office located?

We are located on the main floor of the Courthouse in historic downtown at 111 E Washington St, Morris IL 60450, Room 11.

Can I get lien and/or lien waiver forms from the Recorder's Office?

The variety and complexity of these forms is so great that our office cannot provide them. Contact a title company or a licensed attorney.

Kay Olson

Grundy County Clerk and Recorder


Monday – Friday: 8am-4:30pm



Clerk: (815) 941-3222

Recording: (815) 941-3224


Grundy County Courthouse

111 E. Washington Street, Rooms 10, 11, 12

P.O. Box 675

Morris, Il 60450

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