Information for Funeral Directors

Information For Funeral Directors

Death Certificates and Cremation Permits are available through the Grundy County Clerk’s Office:


Address: 111 E. Washington Street, Morris, IL 60450 

Telephone: (815)941-3222

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Please make checks payable to Grundy County Clerk

Death Certificate (first certified copy: ) $20.00
(each additional copy:) $11.00

Cremation Permit: $100.00 effective 07/01/2023
When obtaining a Cremation Permit, please fax (815-941-3355) or e-mail ( the Cremation authorization and attestation.

County Coroner Division

The Coroner Division provides essential information about its role and responsibilities within Grundy County, Illinois.

It offers details about the division’s mission, services, and contact information. Visitors to the website can learn about the division’s commitment to investigating and determining the cause and manner of death in cases under its jurisdiction. Additionally, the site may contain resources related to death certificates, autopsy services, and the role of the coroner in the community. It serves as a valuable resource for residents seeking information about the division’s functions and how to access its services.

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