Grundy County


The County Board Has Set Forth These Goals

Focus on Safety & Quality of Life Improvements for Employees and Residents

This goal emphasizes the commitment of the County Board to enhance the safety and well-being of both county employees and residents. This could involve initiatives such as improving infrastructure, enhancing emergency services, promoting community programs, and implementing workplace safety measures. By prioritizing safety and quality of life, the county aims to create an environment where people feel secure and content.

Increase Efficiency & Improve Quality Levels Across all Areas

The County Board is aiming to enhance the effectiveness of county operations and services. This could involve process improvements, technological advancements, and staff training. By increasing efficiency, the county can provide better services to its residents, allocate resources more wisely, and ensure that public needs are met in a timely and effective manner.

Continue to Reduce Grundy County Property Tax Rate

One of the primary financial objectives of the County Board is to maintain a responsible and efficient fiscal policy. By reducing the property tax rate, the county aims to alleviate the burden on its residents and property owners. This goal reflects the board’s dedication to prudent financial management while still ensuring the availability of necessary public services and infrastructure.

Make Grundy County a Welcoming Place to Conduct Business

This goal indicates the County Board’s intention to foster an environment that encourages economic growth and development. By streamlining regulations, providing incentives, and supporting local businesses, the county aims to attract new enterprises and promote the expansion of existing ones. Creating a business-friendly atmosphere can lead to job creation, increased revenue, and an overall prosperous local economy.

Review 2015 Comprehensive Plan

The 2015 Comprehensive Plan likely outlines the county’s long-term vision for growth, development, land use, and infrastructure. The County Board’s goal to review this plan signifies a commitment to assessing its relevance and updating it if necessary. As communities evolve, it’s important to ensure that planning documents align with current priorities and needs, allowing for informed decision-making about the county’s future development.

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