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Access and Functional Needs

  • What is an Access and Functional Need?

    Adults and children with Access and Functional Needs are those who have a physical, cognitive, emotional, or sensory impairment (deafness, blindness, etc.) who require additional resources and assistance before, during or after a county-wide emergency or disaster. This would also include those people that use service animals for assistance.

  • What is an Access and Functional Needs Registry?

    An Access and Functional Needs Registry is a list of people within a jurisdiction (such as a County) that identifies those people with an Access and Functional Need who require additional assistance before, during or after a disaster or emergency. In order to ensure inclusion for notification, individuals with an Access and Functional Needs sign on to the list on a voluntary basis. Minor children can have parents or guardians include them on the list. For those with a Power of Attorney, that person may enroll for you.

  • Why is an Access and Functional Needs Registry important?

    An Access and Functional Needs Registry can be helpful to a jurisdiction while planning, responding, or recovering from a disaster or other type of emergency. The Registry allows the jurisdiction to estimate how many people will require additional assistance and where these individuals live within the jurisdiction. The Registry serves to identify those that may need special transportation, medical care, or in a rare instance a special shelter, as well as supply pre-emergency outreach. The purpose and use of the Registry is particularly important for agencies like the Red Cross, local Emergency Management Agency (EMA), fire, police and Health Departments.

  • Is information from the Registry kept confidential?

    All of the information provided is kept completely confidential. Lists are maintained and updated annually, with outdated lists disposed of in a proper manner.

  • How can a person with an Access and Functional Needs become part of the Registry?

    To become part of the Registry, contact the Grundy County EMA office at 815-941-3212, or complete the attached questionnaire and mail it in.  Even if you are already on the registry, please fill out the attached form and return it again.  The information is updated annually. 

    Further questions about the Registry may be directed to the Grundy County EMA at – 815-941-3212

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