Freedom of Information Request for Regional Office of Education


Purpose / About:

Respond to legal questions from educators, boards of education and other citizens. Issue, register and renew teacher certificates. Supervise and assist in transportation programs, scientific literacy programs and other staff development program. Provide G.E.D. educational programs, testing and diplomas. Disseminate information on scholarships and teacher vacancies. Conduct professional growth. Approve school calendars, in-service days, workshops and institutes. Conduct hearings for formation of Unit Districts and consolidation of existing school districts. Assist the Illinois State Board of Education, Compliance division, in the evaluation and recognition of public schools, and private schools, and private schools who ask to be recognized. Maintain maps of all school districts. Administer cooperative programs. Monitor public schools during strikes. Remove any member of a school board for failure to perform official duties. Assist with cooperatives, special education programs and vocational programs. Serve as Ex-Officio secretary of the Regional Board of School Trustees. Audit district claims for General State Aid, categorical funds, and Federal grants. Review budgets, audits, evidence of indebtedness and annual financial reports. Check bonding of school treasurers. Disburse state and federal funds. Act as administrative and/or fiscal agent for appropriate programs. Visit and inspect each public school annually. Supervise school buildings for health and life safety and condemn buildings if necessary. Provide courses in safety and first aid for bus drivers. Approve building permits and occupancy permits. Respond to questions and concerns, including legal questions, from parents, teachers, administrators, board of education and other citizens. Promote and support educational programs and achievements of the schools and educators. Hold public hearings on topics vital to education. Serve as liaison between the state legislature and local school districts. Serve as liaison between the Illinois State Board of Education and local school districts. This office has about 5 full time employees.

Duties of the Office:

  • Regional Superintendent/Assistant Regional Superintendent
  • Educational Administration
  • Cooperation Management
  • Financial
  • Health and Life Safety
  • Public Relations
  • Truancy
  • GED


2 Locations


Grundy Regional Office of Education
1320 Union St.
Morris, IL 60450
Phone: 815-941-3247
Fax: 815-942-5384

Kendall Regional Office of Education
109 West Ridge St.
Yorkville, IL 60560
Phone: 630-553-4168
Fax: 630-553-4152

Procedure for Making Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests:

  1. Place requests for documents in writing, providing a detailed description of the documents requested.
  2. Submit request to Grundy/Kendall Regional Office of Education, Chris Mehochko or Dana Agnich, at the address above.


  • First 50 pages no charge, each page there after is 15 cents each.
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