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How to Order GIS Data

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 Payment: We will arrange payment methods when you contact us. We cannot perform credit card transactions.


Grundy County GIS Data Fee Schedule:

 Tax Parcel Data  Per Parcel Cost
 Parcel Data Package  $0.35

Data is bundled and Includes Parcel Polygons, Aerial Imagery SID Format, and the following Cadastral Datasets within area of request (Rivers, Roads, Railroads, and Right of Ways)

Parcel data has real estate information built into pricing $0.10 per parcel.
Parcels may be requested by Section, Township, Full County, or Custom Request Area.
Aerial Imagery is included with data requests where the purchase price is equal to or exceeds $250.00 not including processing fees.

Processing and Handling Fee           $100.00

Custom requests must be accompanied by a polygon shapefile describing the area(s) of request. (applies to data only)
$100 / hour  (1 hour minimum)

Aerial Imagery SID Format (entire County Only)        $250.00

 Government Boundary Data  Total
 Individual Boundary Data of Taxing Bodies  $100.00

All digital files will be delivered in either ESRI geodatabase or shapefile format.

Hard Copy Maps
(Maps already produced and available to print from file)

 8 1/2 x 11 inch  $2.00
 11 x 17 inch  $5.00
 24 x 36 inch  $30.00
 42 x 63 inch  $75.00


1.  Email us with a detailed description of your data needs or contact Dave Ostrander (815-941-6778) to describe your request. For custom data requests a polygon shapefile must be accompanied with your request describing the area(s) of interest.

2.  We will confirm your request, including cost calculation.

3.  Write a check for this amount (payable to Grundy County GIS Automation Fund).

4.  Download, print, and fill out a Data Request Form.

5.  Mail the form and your check to the mailing address provided on the form.

6.  Work will commence upon receipt of your payment.


Data Delivery Options:

FTP download or USB Jump Drive (Held for pickup by you here at the Grundy County GIS Department).
Please indicate your delivery preference on the order from.  In person pick-up will require a 24-hour notice.


Turn-Around Time:

Most data requests can be completed within 7 – 10 working days.
For more information regarding Grundy County GIS data requests, contact Dave Ostrander at 815-941-6778.

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