Health Department

Board of Health

Board of Health

Our Board of Health is comprised of experienced professionals and community members who bring a wealth of expertise to guide and oversee our public health initiatives. Their commitment to enhancing the health and well-being of our community is unwavering.

Mission: Preserving, Protecting, Promoting the health and well-being of Grundy County

Vision: Fostering Healthy People, Thriving Communities, and Vibrant Futures

Board of Health

The Board of Health is appointed by the Chairman of the Grundy County Board with the approval of the full County Board.  The eight Board of Health Members each serve a three year term, with the County Board liaison being appointed for a term of one year, and can be reappointed for an unlimited number of terms.  The Board must be composed of one dentist, licensed in the State of Illinois: two physicians, licensed in the State of Illinois to practice medicine in all its branches: one County Board Member: and four citizens. One member should have experience in the field of Mental Health if possible.

The Board is responsible for the organization of the Health Department according to all applicable standards established by pertinent government agencies.  The Board establishes and approves policies within which the department administration and personnel function. At a minimum, Board members must ensure for the provision of (4) basic health protection programs, including Food Sanitation, Potable Water Supplies, Private Sewage Disposal and control of Communicable Disease. Members also recommend other health programs as related to a community needs assessment. This plan is referred to as the Illinois Project for Local Assessment of Needs or IPLAN.

The Administrator of the Health Department is appointed by and is accountable to the Board of Health.   An annual report is required to inform the public and grantors of agency expenditures and activities.

Each division is supervised by a Director who reports to the Administrator regarding the performance, plans and needs of the division.  Each division may additionally have an Advisory Board which provides opinion on policies and programs.  Environmental Health has User groups consisting of person directly related in the field.

Board of Health Members:

Dick Joyce, President

Joan Harrop, J.D., Vice President

Kathy Ulivi, FNP-BC, Secretary

Dana Howd, M.D.

Leticia Setrini-Best, M.D.

Ann Marie Struck, D.D.S

Eric Rasmusson, Grundy County Board

Dean Marketti

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