A criminal case is defined as a case that the State is prosecuting. The Criminal Division hears matters which include, but are not limited to misdemeanors, felonies, ordinance violations, driving under the influence and juvenile matters.

Payments of fines for these types of cases are also accepted at this location.

The following case types are found within the Criminal Division: Criminal Contempt (CC), Criminal Felony (CF), Criminal Misdemeanor (CM), Conservation Violation (CV), Driving Under the Influence (DT), Juvenile (J), Juvenile Abuse/Neglect (JA), Juvenile Delinquent (JD), Mental Health (MH), Miscellaneous Remedy (MR) and Order of Protection (OP).
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  • Certified Inventory List
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  • Criminal Appearance
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  • Criminal Motion
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  • Criminal Notice of Hearing
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  • Expungement Information and Forms
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  • Text Reminder for Criminal and Traffic Court Dates
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