JURORS – IMPORTANT INFORMATION:Attention all jurors, after you receive your summons for jury duty in the mail, you are required to complete a juror questionnaire. To access and complete the questionnaire, click:

If you are having difficulty completing the juror questionnaire online, you may receive a paper copy by emailing a message to circuitclerk@grundycountyil.gov or calling 815-941-3259. Failure to reply to the jury summons could result in service of summons by the Sheriff’s Department and/or being found in contempt of court.

JURY SCHEDULE: Jurors should call the jury hotline, 815-941-3394, for the schedule. You should call every day after 5:00 PM beginning the Thursday PRIOR to your jury service through Thursday of the second week.  The recorded message will only reflect one week at a time. The first weeks schedule will be recorded the Thursday prior to your service and the second weeks schedule will be recorded on Friday of the first week.

JURY SCHEDULE CHANGES AND CANCELLATIONS:  Please make sure to call the hotline each evening as changes to the schedule may happen!!!  We do not want you to show up unnecessarily.

  1. Jurors are to arrive at the courthouse at the designated time and report to the Upstairs Courtroom.
  2. Cell phones and any other electronic devices are not allowed in the courtroom; they need to be secured in your car or at home.
  3. Once in the courtroom, the judge and attorneys pare down the larger group into panels and ask a series of questions called Voir Dire.
  4. Please dress for your comfort level as the courtrooms may feel cool to you.
  5. You are welcome to bring reading materials or gamebooks such as crossword or Sudoku. There may be long periods of waiting.
  6. No drinks are allowed in the courtroom.
  7. Rest room and water breaks will be taken regularly.
If you have any questions, please email circuitclerk@grundycountyil.gov.

General Juror Information:Jurors:  You are an extremely important part of the judicial system of the 13th Circuit Court in Grundy County. Thank you for your willingness to serve. Click the following links for general juror information videos:

Illinois Jury Orientation

Juror Informational Video

How Are Jurors Chosen?

In the State of Illinois, jurors are selected from a pool compiled by the Circuit Clerk. The Circuit Clerk’s office receives a database of names once a year from the State. The names in the database come from three sources. If you DO NOT update this information, your name may still be pulled for duty.

  1. The Illinois Secretary of State – records of those with a driver’s license,  state identification card, or disabled persons identification card
  2. Local County Clerks and Election Commissions – records of those who have registered to vote
  3. The Illinois Department of Labor – records of those who have applied for unemployment compensation
The list of names provided by the State are downloaded into the court case management system, which uses an algorithm to randomly select potential jurors. Jurors will receive a Summons with specific dates of service and other important information that MUST be answered. The Court decides who is excused from jury duty, not the Circuit Clerk or Deputy Circuit Clerks.