Vote By Mail

As early as 90 days before an election, any registered voter in Illinois may request a vote by mail ballot without specifying any reason for their absence on Election Day.  However, the ballot cannot be mailed before an official request is received by the County Clerk’s Office.

There are a couple options to request an “Application for a Vote by Mail Ballot”.  A voter can request an application by mail or in person.

Application for a Vote by Mail Ballot (Fillable)

Upon receiving the application, the voter completes and returns it to the Grundy County Clerk.  It must include their name, home address, address where the ballot should be mailed, party affiliation for a primary election and signature.

Next Election: General Primary Election – November 5, 2024
First day to request an Application for a Vote by Mail Ballot: August 7, 2024
First day ballots may be mailed: September 26, 2024

Illinois law does not permit official ballots to be mailed more than 40 days prior to an election.  Ballots for military personnel and voters outside of the country may be mailed 45 days prior to an election, if requested using the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA).

The Clerk’s Office offers several convenient programs that will automatically generate an application for a vote by mail ballot request form that with be mailed to the enrollees at the address specified.

Permanent Voting By Mail ProgramThis program is intended to simplify voting for voters who wish to receive an application for a vote by mail ballot at the address indicated and for the elections specified.

Use the fillable Enrollment Form which can be printed, signed and mailed to our office. This is not a one-time request form, but a program enrollment.  You must be a registered voter of Grundy County, Illinois, to participate.  Enrollment in the program remains in effect until you provide notification to cancel or your voter registration becomes inactive.

SnowBird ProgramRegistered voters who seasonally vacation outside their precinct can automatically receive a printed request an application for a vote by mail ballot.  Join the program using the online fillable Enrollment Form which can be printed, signed and mailed to us. Enrollment in the program remains in effect until you provide notification to cancel or your voter registration becomes inactive.

Military Voters & Overseas CitizensThe Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Voting Act provides that all active military, Merchant Marines, other uniformed services along with their eligible family members and U.S. Citizens overseas may vote.  The Federal Voting Assistance Program (FPCA) provides non-partisan information and assistance in the voting process.

Service members, their family and U.S. Citizens residing outside the country may request a ballot by completing and submitting the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA).  Under this program, Illinois law waives voter registration requirements, but the local election authority official must receive the FPCA ballot request no later than 10 days before an election.

“Citizens of the United States temporarily residing outside of the territorial limits of the United States,” means civilian citizens of the United States and their spouses and dependents of voting age when residing with or accompanying them, who maintain a precinct residence in a county in this State and whose intent to return may be ascertained.

“Non-Resident Citizens” means civilian citizens of the United States (a) who reside outside the territorial limits of the United States, (b) who maintained a precinct residence in a county in the State immediately prior to their departure from the United States, (who do not maintain a residence and are not registered to vote in any other State, and (d) whose intent to return to this State may be uncertain.

Complete the Federal Post Card Application

Fax it to (815) 942-2222 or mail it to the:

Grundy County Clerk
111 E. Washington St. Rm. 12
Morris, IL  60450

E-mail –

Who May Receive Assistance When Voting By Mail?Only Illinois voters who are blind, physically disabled or unable to read or write the English language may be assisted by a relative or friend. A voter’s employer or agent, or officer or agent of the voter’s union cannot provide assistance.

Instructions to voter and any person providing assistance are below.

To the Voter: If you are physically unable to mark the ballot, a friend or relative, may assist you after completing the affidavit.  Federal and state laws prohibit employers, employer’s agents, and officers or agents of a voter’s union from assisting in voting.  State law prohibits a candidate whose name appears on the ballot (unless the physically disabled voter is the spouse, parent, child, brother or sister of the candidate) from assisting voter.

By signing the certification oath on the ballot envelope, you promise that you personally marked the ballot in secret or directed the person.

To the Person Assisting the Voter: The person assisting must mark the ballot exactly as directed by the voter. Any individual attempting to influence the voter’s choice of candidates, party, public questions, or mark the ballot other than as directed by the voter, may be guilty of a Class 3 Felony.  If a voter does not express their intent, assistance cannot be rendered to mark the ballot in any way.

A voter’s instruction on marking the ballot may not be subsequently divulged.  Those providing assistance must sign the certification section on the “Certification” envelope.

Returning Your Vote By Mail BallotVoting by mail includes the same obligations as those who vote in the polling place on Election Day. After completing the application, voters must vote their ballot in complete secrecy.

The affidavits on the application and the ballot envelope must be signed.  These affidavits attest to the accuracy of the information provided on the application.  The affidavit on the envelope also attests to the fact that the voter is voting his/her own ballot in secret.

Any vote by mail ballot must be placed into the certification envelope provided.  The certification on the envelope must be completed, signed, and the envelope sealed.  Mailed ballots must be postmarked no later than Election Day, and must be received within 14 days of the election.  All vote by mail ballots are processed centrally.

If the voter receives assistance in voting their ballot, the name and address of the individual providing the assistance must be placed on the ballot certification envelope.  Remember that a candidate is NOT allowed to assist a voter unless the candidate is a spouse, parent, child or sibling of that voter.

Must Ballots Be Returned By Mail?No. A voter may authorize any person to return their ballot to the election authority, as long as the voter has signed the affidavit on the ballot mailing envelope affirming that authorization was given to deliver the ballot.