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One of the most dependable and economical sources of electricity today is solar energy. Solar farms strengthen Illinois’ electric grid’s resilience while shielding consumers from the unstable prices and increased instability of conventional energy sources.

Questions and Answer Response from RWE for Buffalo Solar that occurred on August 18, 2023

Buffalo Solar is a 116 MWac capacity solar project currently under development in Grundy County, IL.

Buffalo Solar will be located on agricultural-zoned parcels in Norman Township. It is comprised of 16 parcels and totals approximately 960 acres.

The Project consists of the construction and operation of a photovoltaic (PV) electricity- generating facility and associated infrastructure. Solar energy is a clean and reliable energy source that does not produce carbon emissions or other pollutants.  The Project will consist of more than 275,000 solar panels, 29 power conversion stations, a substation and a switchyard.

Buffalo Solar is expected to enter commercial operations in December 2025 and will be a valuable source of stable tax revenue for Grundy County throughout its 30+ year lifespan.

Status: In Development



Securing The Clean Energy Future of Tomorrow

Buffalo Solar Farm Project Benefits

Supporting Communities

Grundy County and nearby taxing districts will get additional tax revenue in the millions from Buffalo Solar. This new stream of public revenue can be utilized to support crucial services like schools, roads, fire departments, and first responders while lowering the tax load on local citizens.

Support Rural Economies

During construction, hundreds of jobs will be created, giving locals the chance to join the rapidly growing renewable energy profession. As demand for hotel, dining, supplies, car repair, and petrol rises throughout the course of the construction’s nine to twelve months, local businesses will experience an economic boom. Buffalo Solar Farm will continue to purchase its supplies from regional companies while being operated by 3–4 permanent roles. Over the course of the project, Grundy County will receive more than $20 million in property tax revenue.

Facts & Figures



116 megawatts-ac


960 acres


More than $20M

in property tax revenue to the community over the life of the project


constructionpositions and 3-4 permanent position

~ 1 acre

Wooded areas cleared

5,500 feet

of perimeter l;andscaping, including approximately 550 cedar trees, 770 plum trees, and 1,100 bushes

117 points

Illinios pollinator habitat score

Over 18,600

Homes powered*

Up to $14 million

In public health benefits*
* Homes powered and pollution reductions from https://www.epa.gov/avert/avert-web-edition, public health benefits derived using COBRA health database https://cobra.app.cloud.gov/.
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