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Getting You Where You Need to Go!

Public transportation for ALL residents and guests of Grundy County.

Service is available Monday - Friday from 6:00 am - 6:00 pm anywhere in Grundy County and portions of Joliet. All GTS vehicles are equipped with lifts, making our fleet entirely accessible. We are an on-demand service meaning we will pick you up at your home (or other specified location) and delivery you to your destination. 

GTS enables Grundy County residents to meet the resources they depend on, live independently, participate in the community, contribute to society, and enjoy an enhanced quality of life. We are committed to providing safe, dependable, affordable, courteous, accessible transportation to our customers.     

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Transit System
Who can ride on the GTS?


Our service is not restricted to only seniors, or persons with disabilities.
Where can I go on GTS?

Anywhere in Grundy County and portions of Joliet. People ride our buses to go many different places, including going to work, shopping, medical appointments, college, the bank, to hair appointments, to the gym, to court, to eat at your favorite restaurant, and much more!

Our service area in Grundy County includes the towns of: Morris, Minooka, Mazon, Verona, Kinsman, Gardner, South Wilmington, East Brooklyn, Braceville, Diamond, Coal City, and the Grundy County portions of Channahon, Dwight, Wilmington, Newark, and Seneca. 

The Joliet service area includes these popular destinations: Joliet Union Station, Will County Courthouse, Joliet Junior College (main campus and City Center), University of St. Francis, Ascension Saint Joseph Hospital, Louis Joliet Mall, Unemployment Office, Social Security Office, and the DHS Office.

Please call us at (888) 786-0862 if you have questions regarding pick up and drop off locations.
How can I schedule a ride?

To schedule your ride, call (888) 786-0862 with the addresses of your pick-up and drop-off locations and the times you need to travel.

We urge you to request your ride at least 2-3 business days in advance as our rides are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Same day service may be provided based on vehicle and driver availability.

Our dispatch office is open for calls from 8 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday. Drivers are not allowed to take reservations.
How much does it cost to ride on the GTS?

Rides are $4.00 each way per person in Grundy County and $6.00 each way per person to or from Joliet. Children aged five (5) and under ride for free.

Children aged twelve (12) and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Our drivers do not provide change so please have exact change when boarding.

We accept cash, check, and fare cards for payment. Pre-payments will not be accepted and payments cannot be accepted over the phone. A credit card payment option is coming soon.

$40 fare cards are available for purchase on all GTS buses, in the GTS business office located at the Grundy County Highway Department (245 N IL 47 in Morris), and in most city/village halls in Grundy County.
We are not an emergency transportation service.

GTS drivers are not paramedics. Persons who are experiencing a medical crisis should call 911.

We also cannot provide transportation after you have been sedated for a medical procedure or surgery, if you are riding home alone.
What if I require assistance riding on the GTS?

Drivers may assist passengers to and from the vehicle when necessary, but no driver is allowed to cross the threshold of one's residence or destination. Drivers may also assist riders, who require assistance carrying bags or packages to their front door. 

If you require more assistance than our drivers provide, you may have a travel assistant accompany you on the bus for free. Please let the dispatch office know when you schedule your ride.
How many grocery bags can I take on the GTS?

Limiting your carry-on items to six (6) bags or packages will ensure that there is plenty of room for you and other passengers on the bus.

Riders are expected to carry their own bags and packages on and off the bus, unless they are elderly or disabled.

GTS is NOT responsible for any personal items or packages left, lost, or stolen while you are aboard our buses.
What if I miss my bus or need to cancel my ride?

We understand that you may miss a ride or be unable to cancel a ride in a timely manner for reasons beyond your control. However, repeatedly missing scheduled trips, or failing to cancel in a timely manner can lead to suspension.

If a GTS driver arrives at your scheduled pick up location and you do not board the bus or you cancel your ride less than one (1) hour prior to your pick up time, you will be considered a "no show." GTS reserves the right to suspend riders that have frequent "no show" trips. 

You are encouraged to cancel your ride as soon as possible by calling (888) 786-0862, but no less than 1 hour prior to your scheduled pick up time.
How long will the GTS bus wait for me?

We will wait for you for five (5) minutes after your scheduled pick up time. If you have not boarded the bus 5 minutes after your pick up time, the bus will leave the location and your ride will be considered a "no-show."

GTS does understand that sometimes things happen that you are not in control of. If you miss your bus, but still need the ride because your trip took longer than expected, please call the dispatch office at (888) 786-0862 and we will try to arrange another bus at a later time, based upon availability and is not guaranteed.
Are seatbelts and car seats required on GTS vehicles?

GTS requires that all passengers wear a seatbelt while riding.

Illinois law states that children under that age of eight (8) must be properly secured in an age/weight appropriate booster seat or car seat. Parents and guardians will be responsible for providing the booster or car seat and properly securing the child in the seat. The seat must be taken with you when you get off the bus regardless if you have another ride scheduled later that day as you may not be on that same bus.
In the case of inclement weather...

Safety is ALWAYS our #1 priority. In the case of inclement weather, the Grundy Transit System may need to cancel service, delay service, or suspend service until weather conditions improve. 

Tune in to local media and our Facebook page for closure information. If your ride is affected by a GTS service closure, you will receive a phone call. 
How is GTS funded?

Grundy County is the grantee for GTS. Public transportation is a federal, state, and local partnership. 

We receive funding from the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) via two programs: the Federal Transportation Administration's (FTA) 5311 program and the State of Illinois Downstate Operating Assistance Program (DOAP).

GTS relies on local matching dollars to fulfill the grant requirements. Local match is generated through service contracts with local organizations that require transportation for their clients, county and municipal contributions, and business and individual donations.

We currently receive annual contributions from Grundy County, Village of Minooka, Village of Diamond, Village of Mazon, Village of Coal City, the Coal City Library, and Joliet Junior College. Without these contributions public transportation in Grundy County would not be possible.

If you are interested in contributing to public transportation in Grundy County, please contact the Grundy County Transit Director, Amanda Olvera at (815) 941-6769 or  by email at

We appreciate your support!
How can I make a donation?

If  you would like to make a donation to public transportation in Grundy County click the link below.

Thank you for your support!