The Grundy County Clerk’s office touches the life of every citizen of Grundy County. No other office in the county interacts to such a great degree with the public. The office handles a variety of duties and responsibilities as set forth in the Illinois Compiled Statutes.
The Grundy County Clerk is elected by the citizens of Grundy County for a four-year term, as set forth in the Constitution of the State of Illinois.
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The Clerk’s office has six (6) major functions
  1. The Chief Election Official for the County. The County Clerk administers all Federal, State and County elections. The Clerk is responsible for preparing the ballots, training election judges, securing polling places and all other election related duties.
  2. Voter Registration. The Clerk’s office processes all voter registration records. There are currently 40 precincts in Grundy County. There are approximately 30,000 registered voters.
  3. The County Clerk’s Tax Extension Department accepts the filing of the annual budgets, levies, financial reports and boundary changes of all taxing bodies and calculates the tax rates and extensions for each unit of government. The Forfeiture/Tax Sale Redemption area of the office collects payment for delinquent taxes.
  4. Vital Records. The Clerk’s office is the depository for vital records, including birth, death and marriage records occurring in Grundy County. You may obtain certified copies according to the state statute.
  5. Local Registrar-was Appointed by the State Registrar of Vital Records. All birth, deaths, and fetal deaths are filed with the Local Registrar at the time of the occurrence and transmitted to the State Registrar of Vital Records on a monthly basis.
  6. Serves as Clerk to the County Board and maintains the records of all their meetings.

In addition, the Clerk’s office has other duties
  • Assumed Business Name certificates
  • Campaign disclosure material
  • Dog Tags
  • Genealogy
  • Issuing marriage licenses
  • Statement of Economic Interest
  • Petitions for nomination of election
The County Clerk and her staff are committed to the highest level of professionalism in customer service while maintaining and preserving the many records filed and recorded with them.

Fees for these services are set by State statute and County ordinance. In most cases copies are available for purchase.

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