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Welcome to the Grundy Land Use DepartmentEnsuring a Sustainable Future for Grundy: Building, Planning, and Conserving Together

OUR GOALTo promote a safe, healthy, balanced community that preserves our natural resources and educates our residents to continue this pursuit for future generations of Grundy residents.

Land Use Department consists of three offices: Building Office Planning and Zoning Office Environmental and Resource Conservation Office or ERCO
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Flooded Home Information
Unincorporated Grundy County Homes with Flood Damaged Homes Require Permits

Residents who are living in unincorporated Grundy County (not in a city or village) that have had damage in the last flooding conditions are required to get a building permit for the renovation work that may be necessary.

Our office completes a full plan review that ensures that the construction proposed complies with the 2018 International Residential Code and the 2017 National Electric Code. Also, before a permit is issued, our assistant does make sure that the contractor is properly licensed with Grundy County.

Special conditions may be applied to buildings that have a total cost of repairs that is 50 percent or more of the structure’s pre-flood market value. If a building is found to be damaged 50 percent or more, regulations require that repairs do not begin until that structure complies with the floodplain ordinance. This may require elevating or flood-proofing the structure to prevent future damage to the structure in future flooding conditions.

Repair costs are calculated by assuming that the structure will be fully repaired to the pre-damaged condition. The total cost calculation is completed by our office and includes the structural materials, finish materials, and labor even if the homeowner decides to complete the work themselves. Since damages based on flooding conditions is tracked by the community, state, and federal agencies, repetitive damage of the structures is also considered for homes that are within the floodplain regions.

State and federal assistance may be available to property owners to reduce the changes of future flood damage. Mitigation assistance may cover costs of relocation or elevating the structure. Residents with a flood insurance policy may also be eligible to obtain up to $30,000 to protect a structure from future flood damage.

If there are any questions concerning building permits, please feel free to contact me, Heidi Miller, at my office at (815) 941-3229 or email at

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