Our mission, collectively as an agency and as individual officers, is to provide an exemplary level of service and protection to the residents and businesses of Grundy County and to all those who may visit, work in, or travel through our communities. We will serve the local communities through professional conduct at all times and the enforcement of criminal and traffic laws without prejudice or bias and with respect for the rights of all people.


Sheriff Divisions
Civil Process Division
Civil Process Division

The Sheriff’s Civil Process Division is responsible for processing court papers for the Sheriff’s Process Servers to serve individuals residing within Grundy County only.

These documents are generated from other counties and municipalities in the State of Illinois, as well as our own Court and State’s Attorney. Civil Papers from out of State are also sent to us for service to persons or businesses/corporations within Grundy County.

Evictions and Sheriff Sales are also conducted by Sheriff’s Deputies.

Grundy County Civil Process Paper Service Fees

AIRPORT ROAD                                                                                    66.00

AKZO CHEMICAL                                                                                 66.00

ASHLEY ROAD                                                                                      63.00

BELL ROAD (WEST SIDE)                                                                  76.00

BIMET                                                                                                       62.00

BLUFF ROAD                                                                                         68.00

BOOKWALTER                                                                                      81.00

BRACEVILLE                                                                                          79.00

BRACEVILLE (RURAL)                                                                        82.00

BRADLEY SUB.                                                                                     66.00

BUNGALOW ROAD                                                                             66.00

BURT ESTATES                                                                                      75.00

CARBON HILL                                                                                       72.00

CEMETARY ROAD                                                                                64.00

CENTRAL CITY                                                                                      79.00

CHANNAHON                                                                                       75.00

COAL CITY                                                                                              73.00

COLLINS STATION                                                                               64.00

DIAMOND                                                                                               75.00

DRESDEN ACRES                                                                                66.00

DRESDEN STATION                                                                            72.00

DUPONT ROAD                                                                                    68.00

DUPONT PLANT                                                                                   70.00

DWIGHT                                                                                                  81.00

EAST BROOKLYN                                                                                 83.00

FOREST DRIVE                                                                                      70.00

GARDNER                                                                                               78.00

GARDNER (RURAL)                                                                            81.00

GOOSELAKE AREA                                                                              72.00

GORE ROAD                                                                                          63.00

GUN CLUB ROAD                                                                                63.00

HATCHER’S WOODS                                                                         63.00

HEATHERFIELD SUB.                                                                         62.00

HIGGINS ROAD                                                                                    66.00

HIGHLAND DRIVE                                                                               63.00

HUNTERS CROSSING                                                                        75.00

JUGTOWN ROAD                                                                                 72.00

KINSMAN                                                                                                81.00

KINSMAN (RURAL)                                                                              84.00

LASALLE COUNTY LINE                                                                    72.00

LISBON ROAD                                                                                       63.00

MALLARD LANE                                                                                   75.00

MAZON                                                                                                    70.00

MAZON (RURAL)                                                                                  73.00

MCINTOSH                                                                                             75.00

MINOOKA                                                                                               73.00

MORRIS                                                                                                   61.00

NETTLE SCHOOL                                                                                 66.00

OLD STAGE ROAD                                                                               63.00

PHEASANT TRAIL                                                                                 75.00

PINEBLUFF ROAD                                                                               63.00

PIONEER OAKS SUB.                                                                         63.00

REICHHOLD CHEMICAL                                                                   70.00

ROUTE 113 & ROUTE 47                                                                   68.00

SHADY OAKS                                                                                         73.00

SHERRILL ROAD                                                                                  70.00

SOUTH WILMINGTON                                                                        79.00

SOUTHMOR ROAD                                                                              65.00

TABLER ROAD                                                                                      79.00

TUDOR PARK                                                                                         62.00

USI CHEMICAL                                                                                     66.00

VERONA                                                                                                  74.00

VERONA (RURAL)                                                                              77.00

WHITETIE ROAD                                                                                   70.00


When Mailing a Summons

  • Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope
  • We need 2 copies of summons: 1 original and 1 copy of the summons.
  • 1 copy of the complaint per defendant

If there is more than 1 person to serve at the same address, we charge an additional $25.00.

Mailing Address:
Grundy County Sheriff’s Office
Attn: Civil Process
111 E. Illinois Ave.
Morris, IL 60450

For information concerning civil process, including service fees, please contact the Civil Process division at 815-941-3239.

What is an Order of Protection?

An Order of Protection is a court order available to “family or household members” prohibiting the abuser from certain activities or ordering the abuser to take certain actions. An Order of Protection may include, but is not limited to:

  • Prohibit the abuser from harassing, abusing, stalking, intimidating, and/or interfering with the personal liberty of you and your dependents
  • Order the abuser to leave and stay away from your shared residence (even if the abuser is the property owner or sole individual listed on a lease).
  • Order the abuser to stay away from your home, employer, school, your dependents’ school/daycare
  • Order the abuser to not contact you in any way, including phone, mail and through third parties
  • Prohibit the abuser from taking or damaging your personal property or property you own with him/her
  • You can petition to order the abuser to pay child support, medical costs, legal expenses and undergo counseling.
  • Address issues regarding your children, including but not limited to visitation.


To obtain an Order of Protection in Grundy County, you may do any of the following:

  • Go to the Grundy County Courthouse located at 111 E. Washington St., Morris, IL 60450 and proceed to the Circuit Clerk’s Office.
  • Contact a domestic violence agency such as Groundwork Domestic Violence Program at 815-729-1228 for guidance.
Court Security Division & Cell Phone Guidelines
Court Security DivisionThe Grundy County Court House is staffed by sworn officers any time that the building is open. Normal hours of operation are 8:00 am until 5:00 pm although some County offices close at 4:30 pm. All visitors to the Court House are required to pass through metal detectors located at the north entrance and are subject to search upon entering the building.

Cell Phone GuidelinesThe use of portable electronic devices by court visitors are prohibited in the courthouse, unless permitted pursuant to one of the below exceptions:

  1. As permitted by the Sheriff in courthouse facilities other than courtrooms.
  2. As authorized by the Judge presiding in the courtroom in question; or
  3. As authorized by an officer of the court, including the Circuit Clerk, in order for the court visitor to discreetly attend to court business; or
  4. Members of the Media, including as permitted pursuant to court order under the Supreme Court’s Extended Media Coverage Policy.
  5. Court visitors using a portable electronic device, or possessing other electronic devices, in violation of this or any other Court Order or policy, may be removed from the court facilities, found in contempt of court, or subject to penalties as provided by law.
In the near future we will install lockers at the entrance to the courthouse so visitors will have a place to secure their electronic devices along with other items not approved for entry. The lockers will be free to courthouse visitors who do not have a means to secure said devices.


  1. Portable electronic devices are mobile devices capable of electronically storing, accessing, or transmitting information and is defined to include personal computers, tablet computers, mobile telephones (including cell phones and any form of telephone with cameras and audio and video and transmission capabilities), electronic calendars, or similar devices.
  2. Court Visitor means any individual present at the courthouse in Grundy County, other than county officials, employees, licensed attorneys, law enforcement officers and jurors.
D.A.R.E. Division
D.A.R.E. DivisionThe Grundy County D.A.R.E. Program has been in effect since 1989 in area schools. Currently the D.A.R.E. Program is taught at Braceville Elementary School, Gardner Grade School, MVK Middle School, Nettle Creek and South Wilmington Grade School.

D.A.R.E site for more information
Grundy County Crimestoppers

Grundy County Crimestoppers

is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to assisting local law enforcement agencies. Rewards of up to $5,000 are offered to citizens who provide information related to a specific crime that results in the arrest of a defendant. All calls to Crimestoppers are kept strictly confidential and the caller is NEVER asked to leave their name or call back number.
To contact the Grundy County Crimestoppers line, please call (815) 942-9667, 24 hours a day.

Click here to report Crimestoppers online. 
Police Services


Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the backbone of the Sheriff’s Office. Newly commissioned Deputies begin their law enforcement career in this Division upon successfully completing the 640-hour Basic Law Enforcement Training at one of the eight Basic Law Enforcement Academies, throughout the state of Illinois. Four shifts comprised of sixteen patrol Deputies and four patrol Sergeants are assigned to the street. Patrol is conducted in the unincorporated areas of Grundy County and also within several municipalities that have contracts for this service. This Division operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

For non-emergencies please contact 815-942-0336 ext. 8


Investigations Division

The Sheriff’s Investigative Division is currently staffed by one Deputy Chief, two Sergeants, and a Deputy. Please call 815-942-6645 to speak to someone in our Investigations Division.

Jail Division
The Grundy County Jail provides for the custody of individuals awaiting trial, serving sentences up to (1) year or those sentenced to periodic imprisonment. Capacity for the Jail is (65) inmates.

For questions about jail visitation or general jail information call 815-941-3243.

For more Information on Jail Division
Patrol Division
Patrol DivisionPatrol Division: (815) 942-0336 The Patrol Division is the backbone of the Sheriff’s Office. Newly commissioned Deputies begin their law enforcement career in this Division upon successfully completing the 640 hour Basic Law Enforcement Training at one of the eight Basic Law Enforcement Academies, throughout the state of Illinois. Four shifts comprised of sixteen patrol Deputies and four patrol Sergeants are assigned to the street. Patrol is conducted in the unincorporated areas of Grundy County and also within several municipalities that have contracts for this service. This Division operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
Records Division
Records Division

The Records Division maintains and updates criminal arrest records, police files and performs computerized entry of all police reports. They are also available for completing requests for copies of all documents and accident reports.

The Records Section is open to the general public Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Copies of incident and accident reports are available upon request during business hours. Please allow 3 to 5 working days from the date of the occurrence for the incident or accident reports to be received in the Records Section.

There is a minimum $5.00 charge for all accident reports requested by mail or in person.

Mailing address:
Grundy County Sheriff’s Office
111 E. Illinois Ave.
Morris, IL 60450


To request incident reports or other records please see information below on the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests.

For more information, please contact the Records Division at 815-941-3240.


The People of the State of Illinois have a right to full disclosure of information relating to decisions, policies, procedures, rules, standards, and other aspects of government activity that affect the conduct of government and the lives of any or all the people.

Requests for inspection or copies of records for the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office shall be received in writing and directed to the Freedom of Information Officer or his or her designee, except in those instances when records are to be furnished immediately.

Please submit all Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests in writing. You are encouraged to use the form developed by the Sheriff's Office, which is entitled the Sheriff's Office FOIA Request Form or through the above link. Please be sure to include your name, address, telephone number or contact number, and e-mail address (if applicable) so that we may contact you. Requests may be delivered via hand delivery, email, fax, United States Postal Service, or courier. Contact information will be provided below. Please be aware that there might be some fees imposed in processing your request.

FOIA request may be received via the following:
Mail or Hand Delivery: 111 E. Illinois Ave., Morris, IL 60450
 Fax: 815-941-3463