Jail DivisionThe Grundy County Jail provides for the custody of individuals awaiting trial, serving sentences up to (1) year or those sentenced to periodic imprisonment. Capacity for the Jail is (65) inmates.

For questions about jail visitation or general jail information call 815-941-3243.
Inmate Handbook

The Grundy County Jail operates on two (2) key principles:

  1. Staff and inmates work and live in a safe environment.
  2. Good behavior and common sense from inmates.
    • The Facility will provide you with a safe living space during your time here.
    • Your duties during your stay are to follow the rules and regulations and to cooperate with staff at all times.
    • Good behavior allows you to have privileges.
    • Bad behavior causes you to lose those privileges and may result in disciplinary action and or criminal charges. .
    • The inmate handbook is the property of the Grundy County Sheriff’s Department. You are responsible for keeping the handbook in good condition.  You will be required to turn it in prior to your release.  If the handbook is lost, damaged or destroyed discipline may result and you may be charged $10.00 for its replacement.

While confined at the Grundy County Jail, you have certain rights, which are derived from the United States Constitution, the Constitution of Illinois, Illinois County Jail Standards and local ordinances and standards.  The following is a brief description of the detainee rights.  There is a difference between privileges and rights.

  1. You have the right to receive fair and humane treatment.
  2. You have the right to know the rules and procedures that affect you, and the penalties for not following the rules.
  3. You have the right to adequate medical, dental and mental health care.
  4. You have the right to adequate nutrition.
  5. Safe, sanitary and humane conditions.
All services and functions-not listed, as Inmate Rights are Inmate Privileges. You keep your privileges by good behavior. Bad behavior will result in the loss of privileges.


You are expected to follow our rules and regulations and behavior guidelines while you are in the Facility.
We expect that you will:

  1. Follow all rules and regulations.
  2. Follow all staff directives and requests.
  3. Respect the Facility’s property and property of others.
  4. Keep your assigned cell and common pod area in a clean, orderly and sanitary fashion.
  5. Maintain daily personal hygiene: shower and brush your teeth daily.

The Grundy County Detention Facility is completely tobacco free. The no smoking policy applies to all staff, visitors and inmates.
This policy includes the use of all tobacco products, such as: cigarettes, chewing tobacco and snuff.
Anyone found with any type of tobacco product is subject to disciplinary actions
Inmates are not allowed to smoke while at court, on transports outside the facility or while working outside the facility.
All smoking material in your possession when booked in will be disposed of.

E-Cigarettes are considered a privilege in the facility.  Inmates that have earned the privilege may purchase e-cigarettes off their commissary.  Any violations of the following rules will result in placement on the Do Not Sell list:

  • Tampering with or altering any e-cigarette.
  • Smoking outside of your assigned block.
  • Being in possession of another inmate’s e-cigarette.
  • Being in possession of more than three e-cigarettes.
  • Failure to return a used e-cigarette.

Your housing unit assignment is based on your classification. Classification is based on several factors:

  • Type of charge or detention status.
  • Your ability to conform to Facility rules.
  • Your ability to get along with staff and other inmates.
  • Medical or psychiatric conditions.
  • Safety and security of Facility.
  • Available appropriate space.
It is possible that your classification may change while in custody. If so, you may be moved to the appropriate housing unit.

GENERAL HOUSING – Allows access to all services and privileges for those inmates obeying all rules and regulations.

DISCIPLINARY LOCKDOWN or SEGREGATION – Inmates are confined to their cells or isolation as a result of violating rules and regulations.

PROTECTIVE CUSTODY – For those inmates that need to be separated from general population for the safety of that inmate.

ADMINISTRATIVE SEGREGATION – For those inmates that are high security or escape risk inmates that have a history of disruptive or abusive behavior while in custody. The security and safety of the officers and inmates will take top priority when classifications are decided.

MEDICAL SEGREGATION – For those inmates with a medical condition, which requires separation from general population for the safety of that inmate as well as the general population.


If it is necessary to remove inmates from any area in the Facility, the Officer on duty will direct you.

  • Do not take anything with you.
  • Follow the Officer’s instructions.
  • Remain calm and quiet so everyone can leave safely.

Internal movement: You will be subject to a pat search every time you enter and leave any area of the Facility, including the Pod or your assigned cell. This may include a strip search, if necessary.

External movement: Searches will be required any time you leave the secured area of the Facility or have outside contact of any kind.

You are required to cooperate with these searches. Failure to do so is a rule violation and may result in disciplinary action.


Inmates shall obey the rules and regulations of the Facility.

A list of violations is included in this handbook. It is your responsibility to know the Facility’s rules and regulations and to behave properly.

Disciplinary action may result in:

  1. Verbal warning.
  2. Restricted privileges.
  3. Restitution.
  4. Reduction of good time
  5. Transfer to disciplinary segregation.
Lockdown for rule violations may be done in a progressive manner. Each violation may result in more serious disciplinary action.  All disciplinary action will become part of the inmate’s permanent file.  You will receive a “citation” for every rule violation except verbal warning.

Inmates who have committed criminal and/or major rule violations are moved to disciplinary housing and placed on Administrative Segregation status. You will have a hearing by the disciplinary hearing board within five (5) business days of your transfer. You will be allowed to speak before that board and tell your version of the incident. You may appeal the board’s decision to the Sheriff or his designee in writing for review within three (3) business days of your notification of the board’s decision. To file an appeal, you are to use the inmate request form. You should list the reasons for your appeal. Your appeal will be reviewed on the basis of what you submit. Only issues you raise will be considered. Give your appeal to the Correctional Officer.

All rule violations, Criminal, Major, and Minor, are handled within the Facility. Criminal violations may also result in criminal charges being filed against the inmate in court. If convicted of any charged rule violations, length of sentence may be zero (0) to twenty (20) days in Disciplinary Segregation, plus possible additional time in Administrative Segregation.

The Administration reserves the right to collect monetary compensation for criminal damage done to county property, by inmates incarcerated at the Grundy County Jail, by attaching the inmate’s commissary fund, as needed pursuant to in house disciplinary proceedings.


A-01 Unauthorized use of Facility equipment without staff approval
A-02 Unauthorized contact with other inmates and/or communication with inmates
A-03 Unauthorized activity while being moved outside of Facility
A-04 Failure to cooperate with staff during court appearances
A-05 Talking or signaling to people outside of the Facility through any window or door
A-06 Interference with staff duties or responsibilities
A-07 Entering another inmate’s cell
A-08 Being in or entering any unauthorized area without permission
A-09 Possession of gambling materials (dice, score cards)
A-10 Possession of unauthorized clothing
A-11 Making unnecessary loud noises (yelling, pounding, whistling)
A-12 Placing garbage or foreign items in toilet
A-13 Buying, selling, trading property
A-14 Misuse of mail privileges
A-15 Tattooing
A-16 Pasting or placing any items on walls, lights, vents, windows or fixtures
A-17 Faking illness
A-18 Unauthorized communication with other inmate(s)
A-19 Failure to make bed, clean or maintain cell
A-20 Failure to maintain personal hygiene
A-21 Failure to comply with dress code
A-22 Horseplay, teasing or harassing other inmate(s)
A-23 Possession of unauthorized amounts of property, food or clothing
A-24 Throwing or projecting any item
A-25 Violating any medical orders
A-26 Possessing food items in cells other than commissary
A-27 Possessing unauthorized items in dayroom
A-28 Giving or receiving meal items without permission
A-29 Wearing homemade jewelry
A-30 Irregular hair lines, patterns or symbols
A-31 Hanging clotheslines in cell
A-32 Violation of dayroom or cell rules
A-33 Any other minor violation which disrupts operation of Facility

Sanctions for Class A violations:
Only one sanction may be imposed for each violation.

  1. Verbal reprimand.
  2. Written reprimand.
  3. Loss of privileges for up to 14 days.
  4. Review and change of classification, including inmate worker status.
  5. Third and subsequent offenses will result in moving to a Category B violation.

B-01 Attempting to provoke a fight
B-02 Participating in any fight
B-03 Interference with lockdown
B-04 Refusal to lockdown
B-05 Tampering or interference with locking devices, or security equipment
B-06 Promoting or engaging in gang activity
B-07 Possession of/or smuggling of contraband
B-08 Making obscene or derogatory remarks or gestures to any staff member
B-09 Making threats to any staff member
B-10 Insubordination to any staff member
B-11 Unauthorized room or cell change
B-12 Filing false report
B-13 Contaminating or tampering with food or beverage
B-14 Attempting to or flooding any area of Facility
B-15 Creating a disturbance
B-16 Failure to follow phone rule
B-17 Acting as lookout for inmates committing violations
B-18 Failure to cooperate at intake
B-19 Refusal to obey a direct order
B-20 Multiple minor rule violations, four (4) or more during same incident
B-21 Possession of any weapon
B-22 Multiple lockdowns (4) or more within 30 days
B-23 Sexual misconduct not involving force or threat
B-24 Possession of US currency
B-25 Possession and/or manufacturing unauthorized beverages
B-26 Unauthorized absence from work assignment (trustees)
B-27 Intoxication, consumption, ingestion or inhalation of intoxicants
B-28 Disorderly Conduct
B-29 Possessing cigarettes, tobacco products, lighters or matches
B-30 Violation or abuse of visiting, mail, telephone or commissary regulations
B-31 Refusal to report to work (work release)

Sanctions for Class B violations:

  1. Disciplinary segregation for up to 20 days for any one violation and no more than 30 days for all violations arising from one incident
  2. Loss of good time for up to 15 days for any one violation
  3. Restitution
  4. Loss of privileges for up to 30 days
  5. Review and change of classification, including inmate worker status

C-01 Murder or Attempted Murder
C-02 Arson or attempted arson
C-03 Bribery
C-04 Assault
C-05 Battery
C-06 Extortion
C-07 Escape or attempted escape
C-08 Lynching
C-09 Theft
C-10 Gambling in any form
C-11 Intimidation
C-12 Indecent exposure
C-13 Possession of controlled substance or other illegal drug
C-14 Possession of drug paraphernalia
C-15 Criminal Damage to Property
C-16 Mob action
C-17 Concealing one’s identity
C-18 Violation of any criminal statute

Sanctions for Class C violations:

  1. Disciplinary segregation for up to 20 days for any one violation and no more than 30 days segregation for all violations arising out of one incident
  2. Loss of good behavior allowance for up to 30 days for any one violation.
  3. Restitution
  4. Loss of privileges for up to 60 days
  5. Review and change of classification, including trustees
  6. Criminal prosecution.
Disciplinary Hearings:

Any Detainee charged with a rule violation shall be given notice of the charges no less than 24 hours before the disciplinary hearing.  Disciplinary hearings for rule violations must be heard within five (5) business days of the reported incident.  The detainee has the right to appear and address the board.  The disciplinary board may ask questions of the officer, witnesses and/or the detainee charged with the violation(s).  Detainees may be excluded from their hearing for disruptive behavior. Failure to be present does not constitute an admission of guilt nor does it justify a dismissal of the disciplinary report.  Detainees will be informed of the decision of the board and advised of any sanctions within 14 days.  The inmate has the right to appeal the decision of the board to the Sheriff.


  1. Always wear a complete uniform in the day room.
  2. Do not tuck your uniform shirt into your pants.
  3. Do not tuck your pant Iegs in your socks, wrap or roll up your pant legs.
  4. Pants are to be worn in the normal position.
  5. T-shirts or towels are not to be used as head coverings, no hands in pants.
  6. During designated sleeping hours male inmates will wear a minimum of under shorts. Females will be required to wear underpants and sports bra or T-shirt.

  1. Meals are served at approximately 0630, 1130 and 5:00. Meals must be consumed at the table in the day room. If there is not enough room, you may sit on the floor. Inmates locked down, will be served in your cell.
  2. The menu may be modified for approved medical and religious requirements. Any diet not specified during the medical screening will only be changed with the approval of the Medical staff.

  1. Shower and brush your teeth at least once a day.
  2. Razors will be issued daily. You must return your razor to the Officer immediately after use,
  3. When taking a shower, dress and undress in the shower stall.
  4. Razors are not to be used to cut your hair

  1. When the Officer announces “LOCKDOWN” immediately stop whatever you are doing and walk quickly to your cell and make sure the door closes behind you. Do not pick up personal items.

  1. Telephones will be turned on in the morning after cleaning has been completed.
  2. If others are waiting, there will be a ten (10) minute limit.
  3. All calls must be collect or by buying phone debit time.
  4. You will lose telephone privileges if you do not follow phone rules.
  5. You may not use three-way calling to make calls to person(s) who refuse your collect call or to contact any employee of the Facility.
  6. By using the telephones, you agree that this Facility can receive details from the phone company and long-distance carriers about numbers you called, the time you call and how long your calls last.
  7. You may not take over another inmate’s phone call and then speak to the person on the phone.
  8. All telephone calls are monitored and recorded unless prior special arrangements have been made to make confidential calls to the inmate’s attorney.

  1. Do not sit on tables, garbage cans or put your feet on tables.
  2. Do not throw items from or across the dayroom.
  3. Only limited amounts of commissary will be allowed in the day room, (i.e. single portions or packages) at the discretion of the Correctional Officer: Abuses of this privilege may result in loss of privilege.
  4. Use common courtesy when dealing with other inmates.
  5. Respect the Correctional Officer’s authority. Ask questions in a reasonable manner.
  6. Do not leave soap, empty containers, or garbage in the shower area.
  7. Help keep the dayroom and shower area clean.
  8. You must sit at the table when consuming meals.
  9. TV will not be turned on until the day room and your cells are clean. TV channels are controlled by the Correctional Officers and will only be adjusted during their rounds. If they are busy, the TV will be adjusted on the next round.

  1. Keep your cell clean and orderly.
  2. Your cell will be inspected daily by the Correctional Officer
  3. The bed in your cell will be made in a neat and orderly fashion every day after wake up.
  4. Keep your floor clean and free of your property.
  5. The following items may be stored as follows:
  6. Towel, wash cloth and/or wet items are to be hung on hooks or bed frame if no hooks exist.
  7. Nothing is to be hung on the bars
  8. Only three (3) photos and two (2) greeting cards.
  9. One bar of soap allowed on sink.
  10. Letters cannot exceed ten (10). Additional letters must be transferred to the inmate property room.
  11. All empty containers must be thrown away.
  12. Do not tape, paste or attach anything over cell air vent or light fixture, or place anything on window ledge.
  13. Nothing is to be taped, pasted or attached to ceilings or walls.
  14. Do not throw garbage in cell toilet.
  15. Do not sit on table or use it for exercising.
  16. Refusal or failure to follow these guidelines may result in lockdowns, loss of privileges, or other disciplinary actions.
  17. Your cell will be inspected before you are assigned to it and before you are moved out of it. Any damage or writing on the walls, ceilings or fixtures may result in disciplinary action and/or criminal charges.

The “Inmate Request Form” should be used for all requests you may need to make within the Facility.

  1. Request forms are available at each housing unit area from the Correctional Officer.
  2. Print only in areas designated for inmate use.
  3. Return completed request forms to the appropriate location or Officer.
  4. When requesting to speak to a particular individual, (i.e. Superintendent, Shift Supervisor, etc) list the topic you want to discuss.
  5. Fill out separate form for each individual request.
  6. Please wait five (5) days, before you resubmit any request.
  7. Requests to speak to your public defender will be forwarded. The Facility staff does NOT control or have any authority regarding your attorney or public defender’s office. Nothing will be forwarded or faxed to your attorney by Correctional Officers.
  8. Medical requests are to be made on the medical request form.
  9. Requests requiring a response will be given back to you with the response on the request form. A copy will be placed in your file.

The Grundy County Jail offers a variety of items for purchase through the commissary company.

  1. You are allowed to purchase up to $100 of hygiene and non hygiene items in commissary per time.
  2. A list of commissary items and directions is posted in the housing unit.
  3. You may NOT order commissary for another inmate, or transfer money to another inmate’s account.
  4. Orders received with no money on account will be cancelled.
  5. In Disciplinary Segregation, you will only receive personal hygiene items. (no combs)
  6. Indigent inmates may be supplied with two stamps and two envelopes per week.
  7. Commissary will be held 1 day per week.
  8. Inmates are required to sign for all commissary items.
  9. Commissary may be taken away for disciplinary reasons.
  10. Medical payment will be made from the inmates’ commissary account when available.
  11. Inmates with No funds may request indigent kits, which contain basic personal hygiene items. The standard inmate request form should be used. Such requests from inmates with funds will be deducted from your account. Indigent kits can be requested after you are here 24 hours.
  12. When you enter the Grundy County Jail, an account will be opened for you with money you legally had in your possession at the time of booking. Your family and friends may leave money at the Facility for your account at anytime. Only cash or money orders will be accepted. Money left for you will be credited to your account but may not be available until the next business day. Money orders may be sent in the mail. Money orders should be made payable to you.  Upon receiving any money or money orders, a receipt will be completed, and you will be required to sign it.  The funds will not be credited to your account if you refuse to sign the receipt.
  13. Any money that you have on your account when you leave is only available Monday thru Friday 8:00 am thru 4:00 pm. A refund of your account can only be made during that time period. You will need to make arrangements to have a check or debit card picked up during that time.
  14. All commissary items received must be kept in a neat and orderly. All empty containers are to be disposed of.
  15. You will be assigned a pin number to use for phone calls and for ordering commissary. You are responsible for the security of the pin number.


All incoming mail will be opened, inspected and all gummed areas, (stamps, stickers, etc.) will be removed.   If the gummed items cannot be removed, the mail will not be delivered and will be put in your locker.
Mail marked “Legal Mail” will be opened in your presence and inspected for contraband. Any funds received through the mail will be removed and a receipt will be made for you to sign.
Any mail not addressed correctly will be returned to sender unopened. Your proper mailing address is:

Inmate name
C/O Grundy County Jail
111 E. Washington St
Morris, Illinois 60450

Any mail received with no return address will be placed in the inmate’s personal property.  No mail containing gang signs or graffiti will be delivered to any inmate in the Facility.

Any mail, pictures etc., not meeting Facility standards will be placed in your property locker. Photographs or pictures containing any nude or lewd subject matter will NOT be allowed.

ALL outgoing mail will be given to the Correctional Officer unsealed for daily pickup Monday through Friday.

All outgoing mail must have the inmate’s name and return address clearly displayed in the upper left-hand corner. Mail received sealed, with the exception of legal mail, or without a complete return address will be returned to the inmate.

No drawings of any kind will be allowed on your envelopes.  Only the necessary addresses will be allowed.

No other initials or words will be allowed.

Periodicals of any kind are not allowed unless mailed from the Publisher and must be addressed to the inmate receiving it.  All periodicals received remain the property of the Grundy County Jail.  All periodicals must remain intact and any mutilation of the publication will cause the publication to be removed and the privilege to receive the periodical will be revoked.

Books, puzzles, games from a reputable online store may be received.  All items received through the mail will be given to the addressed inmate unless prohibited due to content or by the number of books in your possession. Books, puzzles, & games received by inmates remain the property of the Grundy County Jail upon the inmate being released from jail unless a request to keep them is approved by the Superintendent.

Any mail that is delivered to the Grundy County Jail after your release or transfer will be returned to the postal service as undeliverable.  No mail will be forwarded.


A visiting schedule is posted in your housing unit with times and days that you may receive visits.

  1. It is your responsibility to advise your visitors via telephone or by letter, of your visiting schedule
  2. You are allowed two (2) visits a week in general population. These visits will be for at least fifteen (15) minutes. You will be allowed one visit per visiting day.
  3. Violation of rules while visiting may end your visit early and/or place you and/or your visitor on visitation restriction.
  4. If you are disciplinary status, your visits may be limited or withheld.
  5. Each visit is limited to two (2) immediate family members. This includes grandparents. This does not aunts, uncles, in-laws or cousins. Children do not count towards the 2 family members.
  6. A parent or legal guardian must accompany visitors that are under seventeen (17) years old.
  7. Visitation may be cancelled at any time due to emergencies or facility needs.
  8. No yelling, screaming or threatening mannerisms will be tolerated. This will result in terminations of the visit.
  9. Inmates are not allowed to visit with any person that has been court ordered no contact.

Only the amount of personal property that will fit into the personal property lockers will be accepted.  Any property that will not fit into the locker will not be accepted and it will be the responsibility of the inmate to make arrangements to have someone retrieve the property or have it shipped at their expense.   If arrangements are not made it will be disposed of.

Personal property will only be held a maximum of 30 days. It will be the inmate’s responsibility to have someone retrieve their property before 30 days.  Any property still in the custody of the jail will be disposed of.


All issued and personal property must be kept in your issued property bag.  Any personal item not in the property bag may be disposed of.
Property that each inmate, not in disciplinary segregation, may have in his/her individual cell:
E-Cigs- Three E-cigs max per inmate (see E-cig rules posted in dayroom).
Books – Three (3) not including schoolbooks.
Bible – One (1) Bible or Koran
Eyeglasses- One (1) pair is allowed.
Photographs- Three (3). No Polaroid pictures, nude, obscene or gang related pictures allowed.
No original drawings of pencil, ink, colored pencil, chalk or any other drawing medium will be allowed.  A scanned image of an appropriate drawing will be allowed.
Mail – Ten (10) letters and two (2) greeting cards may be possessed
Clothing – Two (2) sets of Facility issued clothing and One (1) set of footwear (shirt, pants, T- shirt, 3 pair underwear shorts, slippers, 3 pairs of socks)
Linen – One (1) set of Facility issued linens, and a blanket.
Comb – Two (2) allowed.
Personal Hygiene Items – (1) toothbrush, (2) toothpaste, (2) bars of soap, (2) shampoo, (2) deodorant
Food items – Only items sold in Facility Commissary.
Medical Items – creams, ointments, etc- only one day supply of any item given to you by the medical staff.
Dentures – One (1) set or partial.
Medical staff must approve prosthesis devices.
Legal Papers and documents – Only the amount that can be kept neatly and if they do not represent a fire hazard.


Laundry services will be done two (2) times per week.  You will be issued two (2) complete sets of Jail Uniforms and only one uniform is to be placed in the laundry bag.   You are required to have a complete uniform at all times.


You can make grievances about most things that involve you. There are some things, which you do not have a right to complain about. These things are:

  1. Facility schedules
  2. Facility security measures.
  3. The cell to which you are assigned.
  4. The housing unit you are assigned.
  5. The decision of the disciplinary hearing board (See Inmate Discipline)
The Facility staff will not do things to get back at you if you make a grievance. You will receive a written answer to any written grievance you make! You will receive an answer to a written grievance within fifteen (15) days, unless we tell you that we need more time.

To make a grievance you must use an Inmate Request form. If you make a written complaint, you must do these things:

  1. The grievance must involve you.
  2. The grievance must be made within forty-eight (48) hours of the incident you are complaining about happened.
  3. You must write or print your complaint neatly so that Facility staff is able to read the complaint.
  4. You should write your story of what happened and list any witnesses.
  5. The complaint or grievance is to be given to the Correctional Officer.
  6. If the Correctional Officer cannot resolve your grievance, the Officer will forward the grievance to the Shift Supervisor.
When you receive an answer to your grievance you can make one (1) appeal.  A staff member who has higher rank than the staff member from whom you received your answer will handle the appeal.

To make an appeal, you must do these things:

The appeal must be made forty-eight (48) hours from the time you receive your answer.
You must print the word “APPEAL” on the top of the paper.
In order to appeal, you must include the original grievance, the answer and the appeal. All three (3) documents must then be given to the Correctional Officer.
You will receive an answer to your appeal within fifteen (15) days, unless we tell you that we need more time.


Eligibility Requirements:

  1. No history of violent or combative behavior.
  2. No history of disruptive or aggressive behavior.
  3. High standards of personal hygiene and overall cleanliness.
  4. Not on segregation, maximum security, or protective custody housing status.
  5. Must pass a health care screening.
  6. Must be sentenced to the County Jail unless authorized by the Superintendent.

If you are transported anywhere inside the Facility or outside the Facility, you:

  1. Do not take anything with you except legal papers unless instructed to do so.
  2. Once outside the Pod area, you are to walk single file against the right side of hall with your hands behind your back.
  3. Do not talk to anyone during this movement, or communicate by any means, this includes hand signs or waves.
  4. While being held in court-holding cells or any waiting areas, you are to remain quiet and sit on the benches or chairs provided
  5. While on transport requiring you to ride in any police vehicle or van, you are to remain quiet and cooperate with the Transport Officer(s). Do not wave or yell out any windows or communicate with others.
  6. While in court-holding areas at the Courthouse, you are to cooperate with staff members and all other officers of the court. Any negative behavior while on transport or while being held at the Courthouse may result in immediate disciplinary action upon your return to the Grundy County Jail.

There is sick call three days per week. The nurse conducting the sick call will review your medical/dental request form.  Give the Correctional Officer this request form. The nurses will then see to your medical needs or arrange further medical care with the Doctor or Nurse. You will be charged $10 to see the nurse/doctor.  If medications have been prescribed for you, come to the cellblock door when your name is called. Bring with you a cup of water so you can take the medication at the door.
There is a $5.00 fee to distribute medications.  This fee is assessed per day and will be taken from your Commissary Funds.
You have the right to refuse any type of medical treatment. You do not have the right to refuse housing in medical isolation for medical reasons, or if you are housed there for disciplinary segregation observation reasons.


You may be transferred to the Illinois Department of Corrections at any time after you are sentenced. You must complete a property release form so your property can be released. Notify your family to pick up your property within thirty (30) days of your release or transfer to the Department of Corrections.  All property left here longer than 30 days will be disposed of.

The Department of Corrections will only accept the following, all other property, will be disposed of immediately and Grundy County Deputies will not transport unacceptable property back to the Facility.

  1. No clothing.
  2. One Bible or Koran.
  3. Two pair of prescription eyeglasses.
  4. Legal papers.
  5. Personal mail.
  6. 12 embossed stamped envelopes
  7. Money orders or cashier’s checks.
  8. Wedding band (plain no stones).
Subject to change due to IDOC policy


  1. All inmates who have court appearance must be ready by 8:30 a.m. on the day of court.
  2. Haircuts will be scheduled when there are enough for the barber to come to the jail.
  3. Once you have been booked and your property has been secured in the property room, you will not be allowed to retrieve any items from the property locker.
  4. You may authorize someone to pick up your property after signing a property release.
  5. Any money remaining on your commissary account will be returned in check or debit card form Monday thru Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm.
  6. If you are in the custody of the Grundy County Jail and have a court date in another jurisdiction, it is YOUR responsibility to contact a family member or friend to have the other jurisdiction notified. This is not the responsibility of our staff members.
Inmate Mail - Phone Calls - Bonding Information - Victim Notification Information
Inmate Mail information:

  • All incoming and outgoing mail is subject to inspection.
  • All letters must be addressed to the detainee C/O Grundy County Jail 111 E. Washington St. Morris, IL  60450.
  • Mail must have a return address and name.
  • Money orders made payable to the inmate will be accepted.  Cash is to be deposited via the KIOSK machine in the jail vestibule.
  • The Grundy County Jail staff does not deliver personal messages to inmates.
Bonding Information:

  • Cash for bond will be accepted (no personal checks) Exact amount only no change is given.
  • For large bond amounts, Certified Bank Checks are accepted payable to the Grundy County Circuit Clerk.
  • Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express are accepted via CourtMoney.com.  Contact CourtMoney.com at www.courtmoney.com or 800-352-9870 for details.  They will need the a credit card number, the Inmates full name, the inmate’s number and the total cash bail amount.
Phone Calls/Receiving phone calls

CPC is the phone system Grundy County Jail inmate use. You can set up and account by going to www.inmatesales.com or contact CPC customer service at 877-998-5678 for information on how to set up an account.

  • Inmates can make collect calls to regular home phones.
  • Family and Friends are able to set up prepaid accounts to communicate with Inmates
  • Inmates can use money from their personal jail account to make phone calls.
  • All phone calls are subject to recording and monitoring
Misc Information:

  • Money for an inmate can be deposited anytime to the KIOSK machine inside the vestibule.  The KIOSK accepts cash or Credit/Debit cards.
  • The Grundy County Jail does not deliver notes, letters not mailed, or messages to inmates.  Please make other arrangements.
  • Inmates may receive up to 5 photos by U.S. Mail that are not of the Polaroid type, have alcohol/drug use, gang symbols/signs, any lewd or provocative in nature depicted in the photos.
Victim Notification Information:

If you are a victim in a crime or you just want to be notified when a detainee gets released from jail, contact Vine Link at 866-566-8439 orww w.vinelink.com and register to be notified by their service.
Inmate Visitation Schedule
All inmate visitation is scheduled by creating an account and logging onto www.inmatesales.com or calling CPC at 877-998-5678 to set up an account.

Visitation can be done via video visitation over a PC, smart phone, or tablet. Visitation at the facility will be available via video link with the inmate and the visitor in the Jail’s visiting room.

Anyone who has been incarcerated in the Grundy County Jail within the last 60 days will not be allowed to visit.

All special visits MUST BE arranged NO LESS THAN 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE and approved by the Sheriff and/or the Jail Superintendent.